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Hector Hamish and Morag

Written by Christine Gillougley

The Story of Hector

Hector, the highland cow has moved to the other side of the world and is missing his two best friends. He loves to remember their great adventures until one day something perfect happens.

This is a beautiful story of friendship, kindness and helping others. Join Hector, Hamish and Morag as they remember old adventures and move on to pastures new. There are 32 pages of vibrant colourful characters which will keep children engaged and eager to hear the story over and over again. 

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Meet the Characters

There would be no story without them


Hector is a loveable, handsome, prize winning Highland Cow. He likes to have fun with his friends and help people. In a recent survey he was voted the cutest hairy cow on record.


Hamish is one of Hector's best friends and the brother of the adorable Morag. Hamish has long black hair and striking green eyes and also likes to help people. He was once voted the most eligible bachelor cow on the Island of Canna.


Morag is the big sister of Hamish and the prettiest Highland Cow you could ever meet. She is typically Scottish with long red hair, very caring and always ready to help other people in need.

The Farm Animals

Daisy The Cow

Daisy is a dairy cow and supplies the farm with milk every day.

Piggy the Pig

Piggy the Pig has lived on the farm for such a long time no one knows how old he is. He is a very wise pig and knows the answer to almost every question you ask ask him.

Sheila the Sheep

Sheila the sheep is leader of the flock that lives on the farm. They supply all the wool to make jumpers for Donald the farmer and everyone else who works on the farm.

Charlie the Cat

Charlie is the farm cat and he loves to sleep all day in the shade of the old apple tree.

Camilla the Chicken

Camilla the Chicken lays eggs everyday so the farmer can have his breakfast.

Daphne the Duck

Daphne the Duck loves nothing more than swimming about in the pond at the bottom of the garden on the farm. She is often seen with her five little ducklings waddling after her.

About the Author

Christine Gillougley is a Scottish/Australian author with this being her first book. She was born and raised in a small town just outside of Glasgow. The story of Hector, Hamish and Morag was inspired by her moving to Perth, Western Australia and the memories of her home in Scotland. She currently resides in Perth with her husband and their two grown up children.

In her spare time when she's not creating more adventures for her favourite little cow Hector, Christine enjoys the West Australian climate and likes going to the beach for long walks on the sand. 

Writing has always been a passion of Christine's and being able to turn this into a printed book has been one of her greatest achievements. Feel free to moo-mail her, Christine and Hector would love to hear from you.

A quote from the author:-

Keep reading "until the cows come home"

Christine Gillougley

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